Okay, to the surprise of ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, I am rubbish at updating my website. But – hear me out – there’s a whole lot of shiny, shiny things out there to grab at my attention!

But, the news is that imPerfect Curse is out on all formats – Kindle/KU, paperback and audiobook – and you can even buy the audiobook directly off my website.

NOT ONLY THAT – but imPerfect Fae comes out in all formats on the 6th July, but will be available in audiobook format on my store from today! All being well, assuming the gods of technology don’t smite me for my assumptiveness.

AND! You can pre-order all of the series up to book 6 on Amazon now, with them releasing once a month. Take a second, have a look at the reviews on the books already out over there. Let me know if they grab your interest. I know they’ve blown me away!

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