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  1. Melody

    Well – I’ve popped a stuffed crusted pizza in the oven, since I’m told that bad-for-me-foods are the best for hangovers. And I’ve got a whopper of a book hangover!

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    I…am an empath.
    I am an empath with dopamine deficiency stuck in a tediously monotonous existence.
    Therefore, I read.

    I judge books on their ability to satisfactorily stimulate my emotional center, and all the hormonal gears from which this factory runs. The greater number of soul sensations I experience during a story, the higher my opinion becomes over the work of any given author.

    ImPerfect Magic, written by C.N. Rowan, had my psychological manufacturing plant producing dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin, and character cuddle chemicals at an exponential rate. At one point, I even had to send him a message to tell him he was a meanie of a monster and withheld forgiveness for at least three to five business hours. But forgiveness certainly materialized because accompanying the heart torture, dressed in all the finery of double arm candy, was humor and abiding friendship.

    C.N. Rowan knows how to father fantastic fictional figures. The evil exemplars make you grit your teeth and hope for their agonizing death. There are baddies you will hate to love but won’t be able stop your admiring interest in their intriguing personalities. And of course, our protagonists…Paul, Aicha, Isaac, and Jacob…you’ll want to wrap them all up in fuzzy blankets, hug the stuffings out of them, and maybe hide them away until the author decides to behave himself again, even if they all metaphorically sit on thrones of beautiful badassery. Regardless, the roller coaster treatment is necessary to bring about the magnificent magical culmination in this episode of the imPerfect Cather series. The ending will NOT disappoint!

    I received an ARC copy of the eBook of imPerfect Magic, along with an audio rendition, and this review is my honest opinion. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not hearing C.N. Rowan read his own historical urban fantasy tale. He adds so much passion and dramatic flair to the story that it adds a lightning jolt of reality to his world, to the point that you feel like you’re a bystander within the pages, following alongside the adventures it contains.

    Well, I’ll let you get to it…just, don’t forget your book hangover junk food.

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