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imPerfect Magic is now available everywhere!

The first book in the imPerfect Cathar series is now live everywhere! You can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited or buy the ebook on Amazon or you can buy it on paperback or audiobook at all good retailers! The audiobook is still cheapest to buy from me directly at...

Not one but two books up for preorder!

Both 'imPerfect Magic' (book1) and 'imPerfect Curse' (book 2) are now up for pre-order! Coming out the 8th May and 6th June respectively on paperback, audio book and ebook. You can read them for free in Kindle Unlimited! Go to the store to pre-order the ebooks now.

The free novella is here!

Reincarnating every time I get killed doesn’t help when the trap won’t let me die. Getting trapped in a psychotic fae’s twisted game isn’t my idea of a fun Friday afternoon. When one of them shows up in my territory of Toulouse uninvited, I was never going to just let...

Welcome to an imPerfect World!

The first novella from The imPerfect Cathar series - "An imPerfect Trap" - will be available shortly. Not only that, but as it's to whet your appetite for the forthcoming series, it's entirely free for you! All you need do is...

cover for 'imPerfect Magic', book 1 of 'The imPerfect Cathar' series, a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery following a group of immortal heretics in the south-west of France